Agent Portal

Agent Portal is a joint venture between agents and insurance companies. It is a business process for the provision of insurance services through Agents; it usually assumes that the insurance company and the agents are two separate legal entities, even if they were part of the same group owner.

The Agent is responsible for the distribution and selling of insurance for various lines of business through a multi-channel approach. The Agent portal application is an online system accessed by the Agent’s staff to apply insurance production and claims through the internet.

Using the Agent Portal system, agents can issue policies and endorsements and preview them based on predefined underwriting configurations for standard insurance products.

The Agent portal system contains products of the following insurance systems:

  • General Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Insurance


  • Simple and easy to use with very limited required underwriting information and minimum number of screens.
  • Ability to issue and print proposals, quotations, policies, endorsements, invoices and receipts, based on setup privileges.
  • Enable cancelling and renewing policies.
  • Generate reports easily.
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Our Customers
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