Approval System

The Approval System is a fully integrated rule-based tool that helps you in managing approval functions and services life cycle. The system checks for the needed approvals in each business cycle/ business case.

It allows for the creation of automatic tasks to run as part of an approval process workflow. Approval System is easy to use and requires no prior technical knowledge.

The Approval system is an easy-to-use web-based application that requires no prior technical knowledge. The system connects hundreds of users together as participants in an inward/outward process. You can use the system from anywhere; all you need is to know how to use an internet browser.

The Approval system is fully integrated with all other ESKA Insures system, it automatically checks for required approvals, and through the integration with the Global Landing (Core) System, it shows the tasks that require approvals from the logged-in user.

Key features

  • Unlimited number of business cases combinations
  • Log page to show complete history for all approval processes
  • Email notification of approval requests
  • Customizable and dynamic approval templates
  • Multi-business rules
  • Automatic cancellation
  • Parallel and sequential approvers.
Our Customers
Our Customers
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