Carenet® Clinics is an effective software that brings medical practice to a new level of efficiency while keeping healthcare providers closer to their patients.

Carenet® Clinics
enables healthcare providers manage patient registrations, appointments, cases and referrals.

Carenet® Clinics supports healthcare providers with case management, recommends treatment plans and provides medical practices with comprehensive financial solutions to process invoices and e-claims.

Carenet® Clinics facilitates user communications by sending automated alerts and reminders.

Carenet® Clinics
allows the doctors to track their daily work in all of their medical cases and follow-up visits.

Practitioners Workbench

  • The easiest way to manage patients cases, referrals and visits. 

Order Entry & Results Reporting

  • Manage all Medicines, Labs, Imaging, and Consultation orders and check the results of each.

Administrative Orders

  • Admission, Transfer and Discharge Order

Clinical Documentation and EMR

  • Dynamic forms and templates filled and archived by EHR teams such as SOAP notes.

Case Management

  • Manage patient cases using medical records, SOAP notes, review of systems, follow-up, consultations, prescriptions and diagnostic reports results
  • Complete case analysis: get a clear picture on medical cases, generate statistical reports, read and receive accurate results and real-time analysis
  • Stay up-to-date with required treatment plans, to-do lists, and timing schedule of each entry
  • Document all readings of the patient’s vital signs on a regular basis
  • Track and document all patients’ progress notes and share with relevant teams
  • Cases consultations and referrals
  • Doctor orders for labs, radiology, and pharmacy
  • E&M standards

Automated Billing

  • Automated billing and claim generation for done visits and services
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Our Customers
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