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Our Valued Customers,

The ESKADENIA team would like to inform you that we are back in full force at the office and have continued normal operations while still following the Jordanian government’s COVID-19 safety procedures. Our activities may be subject to change during these uncertain times, but we assure you that any changes to our operations will not affect our level of service to our customers.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you good health.

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ESKA® Synergy
Simplifying teams management

Staying on top of your tasks is no easy business, with the rise of employees and customer demands, it is not always easy for organizations to balance out all business activities. This is why more companies are now utilizing a number of tools to help manage tasks and employees.

Various organizations utilize the power of digitalization to get the job done. The rise of management software is now becoming the standard for handling employees and business needs. Software produced today provides limitless options to accomplish all kinds of tasks for different teams.

ESKA® Synergy is a plug-and-play software suite that enhances teamwork in small teams and larger businesses alike, covering everything from time-tracking and project planning to recruitment and payrolls. The result is a framework that integrates all essential team processes and tasks on one platform.

ESKA Synergy incorporates essential enterprise management processes into its line-up, from two-person teams to large enterprises, including ESKADENIA’s Time-tracking, HR, Payroll, Bookkeeping and Financial systems.

ESKA Synergy covers a number of functionalities:

  • Team management
  • Workspaces and projects
  • Human resources
  • Self-service
  • Workflow
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Collaborative portals
  • Financial management

Key features

  • Insert and define different parameters of your teams, tasks and roles.
  • Provide a full summary of your teams’ tasks and information.
  • Edit, change or delete the team members’ information and roles.
  • Document each stage of your recruitment process (from applications and interviews to contracts and onboarding).
  • Keep a detailed record of your employees, including their general information, tasks and hours.
  • Automatically calculate an employee’s salary based on any relevant updates.
  • Support onboarding for all new personnel, all documented in a digital platform.
  • Create a comprehensive workspace for all your tasks.
  • Add multiple projects within your workspace.
  • Assign team member, roles, clients and tags for your projects.
  • Allow team members to submit vacation days and other personal requests digitally.
  • Set reminder notifications for any relevant tasks or projects.
  • Create an automated summary of your invoices and financial expenses.

Tracking tasks like a pro

One of the core components of ESKA Synergy includes the ESKA Time Tracker system, which both functions as a standalone product as well as part of the ESKA Synergy suite. ESKA Time Tracker is made to optimize your business workflow.

ESKA® Time Tracker is a business management system made to keep track of individual employees and teams regarding their tasks and projects. This handy system is made to cater to the everyday business activities, with the ability to record time, modern project/task management and analysis and reporting.

ESKA Time Tracker covers some of the following functionalities:

  • Customized timer
  • Dashboard
  • Projects
  • Tags
  • Workspace management
  • Reporting
  • Project storyboard
  • Clients management

How can this help my business?

Simple team management
ESKA Synergy provides a convenient process to track and follow up on your teams’ tasks and status. By having a detailed description of tasks and those in charge or involved, you can stay on top of all members’ operations.

A fully customized experience
No longer worry about wasting time and energy thanks to a fully customizable system. Easily cater ESKA Synergy according to your business needs with the ability to pick and choose any parameters and functionalities you see fit.

Open space for projects
All your projects and clients can now be easily documented through the creation of multiple workspaces. Optimize your work process by fully documenting your project details, from its progress to any cost or expenses owed.

Optimization for HR
Having the ability to fully integrate with ESKA HR, our HR management system, all HR activities can be fully tracked and monitored for ultimate convenience; from recruitment and personnel to payrolls and employee self-services.

Complete summary and analysis
ESKA Synergy also provides a detailed summary of any projects and activities required, making tracking your workflow that much smoother. By automatically generating invoices and reports, you can directly achieve results with full simplicity.

Our Customers
Our Customers
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