Collections & Dunning

ESKA® Collections provides the ability to collect money using various methods such as bank credit order, credit card, bank transfer, and any other payment method.

ESKA® Collections provides many features such as promise to pay and instalments, in addition Holiday Shift feature to control the collection system schedule with fully integration with dunning system.

In addition, ESKA® Collections manages subscriber actions upon specific triggering values in financial related cases. ESKA® Collections provides different support actions such as sending SMS, service barring, line suspension and termination, in addition to any user-defined actions.
  • Provide customers with the easiest method of payment
  • Integration with payment gateways and platforms
  • Credit Vetting integration
  • Payment rescheduling and instalments
  • Automated and rule-based dunning and notifications
  • Integrated with ESKA® Bad Debt Tracker
Our Customers
Our Customers
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