Convergent Billing

ESKA® Convergent Billing enables real-time billing in telecommunication networks. It has a flexible and powerful convergent rating engine that gives network operators a competitive advantage to be market leaders in the telecommunications industry.

ESKA® Convergent Billing provides an advanced system for the convergent billing of different services such as wireline, wireless and data networks.

ESKA® Convergent Billing provides many rich and valuable features such as supporting convergent billing of different telecom services, supporting multi-billing cycles with different frequencies and grace periods, supporting different charging methods such as advance, arrear, and one-time charging.

ESKA® Convergent Billing enables telecom operators to manage their administrative and billing tasks effectively through the integration with other systems such as Customer Care.

Account Receivables

ESKA® Convergent Billing provides many features such as invoice payments with different payment levels and policies in addition to handling offline payments. 

ESKA® Convergent Billing features include processing advance payments, batch payments, instalments, manual invoices and fees.

Renewal Management

ESKA® Convergent Billing provides real-time billing services in telecom networks. ESKA® Convergent Billing manages the subscriber services and products life cycle by deducting the product and subscription fees to activate/deactivate these services with re-rental management capabilities.


Invoice Generator

ESKA® Convergent Billing generates invoices based on different business criteria with wide range of options and capabilities. It can integrate with any notification system and send the generated invoices by SMS or email to the customer.

ESKA® Convergent Billing Invoice Generator integrates with ESKA® Docs to keep the generated invoices with the selected invoice format (PDF, Microsoft® Word, and Microsoft® Excel®)
  • Fast & rich bill generation
  • Payment monitoring and accounts receivable
  • Multi-billing cycle support
  • Integration with financial systems
  • Dynamic Taxation & configurable auto-renewal handling
  • Hybrid bill generation between corporate and individual
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Our Customers
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