Customer Insight

ESKA® Dynamic 360 is a browser dashboard system that provides insights into the Key Performance indicators of the day-to-day business operations. ESKA Dynamic 360 is customizable to suit organizational business needs allowing users to analyse data and make precise decisions.
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Instant Progress Report
  • Personalized Visual Data
  • Simplified Dynamic Design
  • Multiple Charts and Graphs Options
  • Elegant Data Presentation
  • Lightweight Standalone System
Customized Visual Data
ESKA Dynamic 360 contains a wide arrangement of ready-made components, which makes placing them on the dashboard effortless. In addition, users can customize the components according to their business needs.

Flexible Data Sources
ESKA Dynamic 360 is very flexible and can build any chart or graph using web services, database procedures, database views, and APIs. This enables users to stay informed and connected across many platforms and software systems.

Tailored for Every user
ESKA Dynamic 360 offers the ability to build each user a separate custom view. These views present a comprehensive vision allowing users to savvy their business environment and provide a rich perspective to maintain goal-oriented awareness for all users.

Omnichannel Engagement

Providing a good customer experience is no easy task. Sometimes you can have all the customer relationship channels, from email and voice call to chat boxes, but still end up with terrible customer service. This is because they do not work in coherence, which is why you need the Omnichannel.

ESKA® Omnichannel is part of ESKADENIA’s customer interaction management software. It provides a unique and cohesive customer experience through integration with all relevant systems, such as marketing, sales and customer service systems.

No matter what channel your customers reach out from, the Omnichannel connects with all.

What’s so special about the Omnichannel?
  • Create a business neutral environment by providing a standalone system that can be integrated with any CRM system, whether from ESKADENIA or any third-party systems.
  • Integrate with ESKA CRM, ESKADENIA’s customer relationship management software, and other ESKADENIA products, ensuring a convenient workflow.
  • Customize appearances of your ESKA Omnichannel based on your specific business needs.

What are our key features?

Customer interaction management
Enables you to manage interaction between your organization and your customers, providing uniform communication across all channels.

Multi-channel communication
Enable employees and customers to communicate over any communication channel that the customers prefer. You can easily communicate with your customers by switching from channel-to-channel without losing context of the transaction or service encounter.

Customer information management
You can easily aggregate, enrich and analyse your customer data without the hassles. Provide a unique view for all your stakeholders by creating a 360 view of your customers’ information.

Knowledge management capabilities
Full availability and accessibility of your customer’s information helps you to improve your overall customer experience. By providing a complete client database, you can avoid any wasted time and resources.

Big data analysis
With the ability to examine large data sets, you can effectively uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and more. All your analytical findings can lead to greater marketing opportunities to maintain a successful business.

Campaign management capabilities
Now you can rapidly build, execute, suspend and optimize multiple campaigns in parallel. Thanks to automated data recording, you can smoothly define your business rules based on customer data for various marketing needs.


Social Networks

Do you have multiple social media accounts for your business? Do you find managing customer interaction a hassle? Well, having accounts only takes care a quarter of the problem. Managing multiple social media accounts is no easy task, this is why there needs to be a convenient way of tracking your channels. Thus, an effective social media manager is your answer.

ESKA® Social Manager is part of ESKADENIA’s online software product range. It streamlines and centralizes the management of all social media channels.

We look to help you save time and efforts in performing all your social media interactions, which also includes boosting customer engagement.
How can we do this?

ESKA Social Manager helps you to understand your customers better by listening, interacting and collaborating with them. The goal is to deliver a personalized experience that allows both your customers and business to reach their goals.

The drive for your business

  • Listen to social conversations to uncover trends, identify influencers and find leads.
  • Understand your audiences and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Harvest and re-use the community knowledge and connect customers to solve problems.
  • Utilize communities to broadcast your message and drive awareness.
  • Gauge social sentiment around your brand and offers.
  • Provide new tools to identify sales prospects.
  • Measure your teams’ performance.
  • Leverage the customer interaction history to provide the 360 view of the customer information through your CRM system.
  • Unify all customer interactions from all channels in one place.

Here are some of our key features

Social media management made smart
Manage your social media accounts and their performances all from one platform. Streamline how you work and plan to optimize your social media marketing.

Listen to the conversation
Monitor conversations across social media by tracking the keywords that matter to your business. Ensure all your community’s posts are answered and on-time.

Schedule and publish effectively
Keep your social presence active 24/7. Now you can save time when executing your marketing strategy by managing everything in one interface. Post all your social media channels from one calendar, showing a clear view of any published and pending posts.

Social sentiment analysis
Keep any eye on how the people feel about your brand and easily filter the results. Act quickly to understand and manage any occurring issues from your audience.

Simplify influencer management
Listen closely to the people that matter to your business. Create, import and share lists of social influencers and important clients. Now you can easily choose and utilize influencers that appeal to you.

Integrate with all systems
ESKA Social Manager integrates with various supporting systems, such as CRM, ticketing, knowledge management and sales and marketing campaign systems. We ensure a rich system to maximize your benefits.


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Our Customers
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