Dispute Management

Bad debt management is a key driver of financial performance for telecom operators as bad debt can be as high as 2% of your total revenue. Accordingly, when all attempts to collect the dues fail, operators need to maximize the amount they recover, with minimum cost and risk to the brand.

ESKA® Bad Debt Tracker is a comprehensive dispute management system capable of tracking and managing all types of disputes; automating the process of tracking your customer’s bad debts.

Business Benefits

  • Recover debt faster with personalized treatments
  • Automated processing and tracking
  • Faster revenue settlements and recognition
  • Revenue loss nullified
  • Reduce non-pay churn
  • Increase agents’ productivity
  • Mange your relationship with external debt collection agencies (DCAs)

System Features

  • Easy to use through an intuitive interface, making it easier for users to configure collection workflows and interactions without IT support.
  • Manage External Agencies, legal collection and enable new collection channels.
  • Manage settlement negotiations and refining.
  • Advance settlement options with the ability for instalments.
  • Trigger automatic actions and notifications.
  • Manage service restrictions and restoration.
  • Intensive operational reports.
  • Easy integration with third party billing system due to its modular design according to TM-Forum standards.
  • Quick to deploy and expand.
  • Detailed history logging and robust reporting
  • Fully integrated and synchronized with ESKA® DCRM.

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