Fleet Management

ESKA® Fleet Manager helps with managing and following up on organisation vehicle movements whether for internal or external trips. The system records and tracks vehicle movements in addition to the assigned drivers from the departure point until arrival.

Strong integration with ESKA® SCM Maintenance Module provides ESKA® Fleet Manager with the required vehicles details in order to follow up on the vehicle information at any time and to build the required vehicle movement plans.

ESKA® Fleet Manager is particularly useful for logging driver information and associated work hours including overtime.
  • High level of fleet monitoring and security
  • Vehicle tracking and management 
  • Integration with high-tech devices such as GPS and vehicle sensors
  • Vehicle control with robust geo-fencing features
  • Vehicle security using strong telematics capabilities
  • Parts inventory tracking and Fuel card management
  • Daily fleet operations management
  • Accurate tracking of equipment
  • Fleet maintenance scheduling & Invoicing
  • Team performance assessment
  • Extensive notifications and alerts
  • Wide-ranging reports
Our Customers
Our Customers
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