Carenet® Labs is a user-friendly platform to manage complex laboratory procedures, comprehensive data, samples and records.

Carenet® Labs suits all laboratory financial system needs as it handles customer account and billing including invoices, e-claims, and insurance reports.

Carenet® Labs operates with an appointments scheduler and tracker with an automated messaging and alerts feature

Order Management

  • Units can send orders directly to labs
  • Privileged users can do external orders for outpatient services

Sample Management

  • Complete sample management from registration to report generation
  • Easily login samples, generate their barcodes and track them


  • Integration with Unidirectional and Bidirectional Machines Interfaces using different protocols and standards

Test Results

  • Interfaced manual tests results, results posting, and comments entry
  • Support for many rounds of testing and choosing best results 
  • Improve customer service by tracking test results and updates


  • Auditing Tests Results using dynamic Approval and Rejection flow between lab technicians and lab directors

Quality Assurance

  • Measurements Analysis and Controlling
Our Customers
Our Customers
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