Maintenance Management

ESKA® Maintenance provides the ability to follow up on vehicle maintenance starting from the garage entry, throughout the maintenance operations and until submission of the vehicle to the Transportation Manager.

ESKA® Maintenance is suitable for any vehicle service centre to manage daily maintenance operations: mechanical, electrical, or bodywork. ESKA® Maintenance can also be integrated with Insurance companies’ software systems. Other maintenance-related operations such as oil change, vehicle wash, spare parts etc. are also included.

Key Features

  • Manage all vehicle maintenance related activities
  • Capture all vehicle operational and maintenance information
  • Collect Fuel and Mileage readings
  • Add traffic tickets and accidents to every vehicle record
  • Record vehicle driver information along with working hours
  • Configure periodical, preventive and urgent maintenance options
  • Keep track of vehicle trip details and expense showing any anomalies
  • Define maintenance checklist and its recurrence (Every trip, daily, monthly, etc.) or based on a specific mileage
  • Add vehicle insurance details and maintenance contracts
Our Customers
Our Customers
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