ESKADENIA Business Continuity Plan Announcement, Open

Our Valued Customers,

The ESKADENIA Team would like to wish everyone good health. As a precautionary measure towards reducing the impact of COVID-19 (Corona) Virus, our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers and employees, and following the measures taken by the Jordanian government, we have asked our teams in Jordan to attend to their work tasks from home as of today, March the 18th. The support operations will be running normally as our team will continue to have access to email, phones, online communication tools (such as Skype), and our technical support system, ESKA IMS.

Our customers can rest assured that management and teams will perform work as usual, while continuing to seamlessly support our customers/partners' operations as effectively as possible.

We look forward to moving on and getting operations back to normal as soon as possible; we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

ESKADENIA Software Team

Marketing Management

With the rise of technology, customer demands are becoming more challenging, which is why people are shifting towards digital marketing, thus the rise of digital marketing software.

Digital marketing software is thought to transform the market, thanks to its accessibility, cost effectiveness and integrations. Due to the convenience of such systems we are looking at a new revolution of conducting your essential marketing business.

ESKA® Marketing is a digital marketing management system made to help with all your marketing activities. Allowing you to track, create and organize your campaigns, events, assignments, activities, creative materials and more.

ESKA Marketing allows you to organize all your marketing campaigns in order to receive the best results in the most productive way.

ESKA Marketing covers a number of marketing functionalities related to:
  • Marketing programs
  • Campaigns management
  • Customer profile and contacts
  • Telemarketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media interactions
  • Dashboard and calendar
  • Summary and communication history
  • Analytics and reporting

Key Features

  • Segment your customers and leads based on their activities.
  • Set your budget, tasks, objectives, roles and more, which will be digitally recorded within your system.
  • Add, edit or search any new or existing campaigns.
  • View or create your own customized target list.
  • Provide detailed information about your campaigns, including your members’ roles and tasks list, start and end date and more.
  • Send your personalized mailing list and post social media content.
  • View the whole progress of your campaign from a convenient dashboard.

How can this help my business?

Enhance your marketing campaigns
ESKA Marketing comes with a range of tools and features to help with running successful marketing campaigns. From online ads and video campaigns to budgeting and handling contacts lists, this powerful system supports all activities to empower your marketing campaigns.

Customizable marketing experience
Being able to pick and choose, as well as set your very own marketing parameters and criteria will make conducting your marketing campaigns that much easier. Thanks to a fully customizable and dynamic system, ESKA Marketing can truly support all marketing tasks needed.

ROI always on point
ESKA Marketing can easily track program objectives, results and costs to assess the campaign’s ROI. Constantly staying on top of activities will help to ensure all targets and budget were met while still gaining profit.

Social media with no issues
ESKA Marketing also supports social media management for all your marketing campaigns and social media promotions. With various tools to automate posts and look at analytics, this powerful system supports all social media activities with convenience.

Organizing your contacts lists
With the ability to provide an integrated and centralized contact list, it’s so much easier to experience an organized way of tracking your leads and customers. From saving customer profiles to viewing and editing all contact information, all can be done with ease.

Cost efficiency for your business
Having a digitalized marketing system will help to reduce cost as well as save time and energy. This convenient system is made to provide accelerate marketing processes without the hassles of any extra resources.

Our Customers
Our Customers
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