Nael Salah

ESKADENIA Software - Nael Salah Nael Salah, Managing Director and Founder

Nael Salah is the Managing Director and Founder of ESKADENIA Software the leading Jordanian based firm with a team of around 250 professionals active in the design and development of a range of advanced software products. Nael has served as ESKADENIA Software’s Managing Director since its establishment in July 2000; He has helped grow the company to become one of the leading products and export-oriented software houses of Jordan, with special focus on providing telecommunications, Insurance, Enterprise, Education, Health and internet software products to the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets.

Prior to the establishment of ESKADENIA Software, Nael worked at LM Ericsson in Sweden for more than 17 years mostly in Stockholm where he assumed a number of managerial positions including Director and Vice President of the Corporate LM Ericsson, four years as Executive Vice President of Ericsson China and Regional Manager of the Corporate LM Ericsson Office in the Middle East.

Nael holds a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, from the University of Liverpool, England, and speaks Arabic, English and Swedish.

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