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Our Valued Customers,

The ESKADENIA team would like to inform you that we are back in full force at the office and have continued normal operations while still following the Jordanian government’s COVID-19 safety procedures. Our activities may be subject to change during these uncertain times, but we assure you that any changes to our operations will not affect our level of service to our customers.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you good health.

ESKADENIA Software Team

Press Releases

ESKADENIA Software Achieves CMMI Highest Level

ESKADENIA Software, a leading provider of best-in-class business systems that accelerate digital transformation, is proud to have successfully reached the highest CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) level, Level 5. 

CMMI is a capability improvement framework that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance. It encompasses a set of global standards that elevate software development and deployment business techniques through building and benchmarking key capabilities. The program consists of a five-level evolutionary path of increasingly organized and systematically mature processes. The aim of the program is to ensure excellence, innovation, quality, and process improvement in software development based on the industry’s latest trends and best practices.

Being a CMMI Level 5 organization requires operating and performing with the highest level of process maturity. This entails continually improving the company’s processes and procedures based on the understanding of its business objectives while using a quantitative approach to boost business performance.

ESKADENIA Software acknowledges the importance of meeting quality and industry best practices in the software development field. The accreditation of the ESKADENIA Telecom Business Unit reinforces the commitment of ESKADENIA Software in delivering world-class and innovative software systems on time and within budget. The ESKADENIA team is specialized in implementing the highest industry standards and work procedures at the company, department, and product level.

“I consider ESKADENIA`s achievement of CMMI Maturity Level 5 an outstanding success. As a project consultant, I am proud of their distinguished appraisal results. I am also pleased with their great belief in quality from the top management to everyone in the department, which produced a wonderful quality management system with a tangible return on investment,” stated Marian Tadros, Consultant and founder of TRIEXL.

ESKADENIA`s strong relations with its customers and partners, superb software products, and optimized business operations were the main pillars driving this accomplishment, making it one of the selected class of global organizations to accomplish this achievement.

“ESKADENIA has always focused on the continuous improvements of its software processes and is proud to achieve the highest level of maturity from the CMMI Institute. The CMMI highest honour is an indication of the determination and resilience of our highly competent staff to reach the highest of international standards in their work. The accreditation has been conducted online due to prevailing conditions which is a first in the history of the Institute. I would like to thank all those involved in this accreditation from within ESKADENIA, our consultant, and assessor for their professionalism and efforts to make this exercise a great success,” stated Mr. Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA Software.

About CMMI® Institute
CMMI Institute offers market-driven solutions that provide insights for baselining and optimizing key organizational capabilities, cyber maturity, and data assets to elevate business performance. For over 25 years, thousands of high -performing organizations in a variety of industries, including aerospace, finance, healthcare, information technology, software, defense, transportation, and telecommunications, have achieved sustainable business success through adopting the CMMI and proved they are capable business partners and suppliers. To learn more about how CMMI can help your organization elevate performance, visit

About ESKADENIA Software
ESKADENIA® Software is a three-time MENA Award Winner that is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of software products in the Telecommunications, Insurance, Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, and Internet application areas. The company is based in Jordan and has sales activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; more than 85% of its sales are exported to the global market. ESKADENIA Software is a product and market-oriented organization that assists enterprises and promotes businesses by use of highly effective IT strategies, solutions and tools. ESKADENIA Software strongly believes that a company's achievement is based on the success of its Human Resources and the commitment to quality and excellence that each one holds strong to. ESKADENIA endeavours as a team to maintain quality and customer respect, build up perseverance, and foster innovation. For more information, visit, or contact us at
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