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ESKA® Product Catalog is a TM Forum compliant system that allows service providers to rapidly develop products and release them to the market. It simplifies and centralises IT Architecture in a cross-domain master repository.

ESKA Product Catalog enables Marketing and Product Managers to create dynamic product offerings that bundle products, services and resources into a flexible pricing scheme and distribute them to various marketing channels.

ESKA Product Catalog spans over other Business Support System & Operations Support System (BSS & OSS) entities. Furthermore, ESKA Product Catalog integrates and synchronises data with Customer Care, Self Care, Inventory, Billing and Provisioning Systems.


Reusable Components

ESKA Product Catalog allows product managers to configure and assemble re-usable dynamic components that provide customizability and flexibility to meet customer demands.

Component Relations

With ESKA Product Catalog, you can visually connect between components by defining prerequisites, hierarchy, optionality, or dependency relations with the ability to define component acquisition restrictions.

Your Own Product Offering

ESKA Product Catalog gives you the tools to combine components and their relations into a product offering that better suits your business needs. In addition, ESKA Product Catalog can manage various versions of your product offering giving you the ability to activate multiple versions simultaneously.

Target Market Segments

ESKA Product Catalog facilitates the market segmentation process to present your products to the intended customers through dividing them into sub-groups based on, for example, plan usage, demographics, location, etc.

Flexible Pricing Scheme

Using ESKA Product Catalog you can build dynamic price schemes associating pricing, along with taxation and discounts, on the Master Rate Plan whether on the component-level or on the product offering as a whole.

Omni-Channel Support

ESKA Product Catalog supports simultaneous display of catalogues through all channels enabling customers to reach and purchase a variety of products from any preferred channel.
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