Configuration Settings

DeniaSchool®  Configuration module allows privileged users and system admins to define general system settings such as personal, regional, and financial settings.

Moreover, the Configuration module allows defining general lookups.

The Configuration module allows you to configure the following settings:
  • School Policies
  • Academic Affairs
  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Organization
  • Security Settings
  • Statistical Reports


DeniaSchool®  Configuration incorporates different rules of an educational system, and adheres to the diverse needs coming from different standards emerging in education such as boards, grades, government standards and compliances.

With the Configuration, higher administration users can define the policies applicable to all schools while schools can add custom rules that fit their specific cases.
  • Admission Policies
  • Scheduling Policies
  • Evaluation Policies
  • Student Affairs Policies
  • Registration Policies

Academic Affairs

DeniaSchool®  Configuration is where academic settings and data are defined in a way that would fit all related schools.
The Configuration module covers the following academic affairs areas & functionalities:

  • Multi-Programs Structure (IB, International, IGCSE, Local…etc.)
  • Creating study plans for each stream
  • Plans Management and courses equivalencies
  • Complex courses and requisite groups for each grade
  • Report generation regarding specific study plans & course equivalencies using specific template

Academic Calendar

DeniaSchool®  Configuration manages school academic years, semesters, holidays, special workdays, and weekends; in addition to the events that administration defines such as exam events, custom events, & IB registration events.

  • Ministry events and official holidays
  • Definition of multi-event types
  • Custom event creation


DeniaSchool®  Configuration is where the school organizational structure, administration, and hierarchy are set.

The module offers a tool to build the organisational structure dynamically.
  • Full information about each defined entity in the organisational structure
  • Define staffs assigning them their proper organizational role
  • Full HR system integration


DeniaSchool®  Configuration submodule provides categorisation of users into different groups to easily assign security privileges and access rights.

The module internally supports critical data encryption, such as user passwords.
  • System menus generation based on the roles defined for each application
  • Layout definition of modules, submodules, and forms

Statistical Reports

DeniaSchool® allows for the configuration and generation of statistical reports for school, stream, programs, as well as academic information reports.

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