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The ESKADENIA team would like to inform you that we are back in full force at the office and have continued normal operations while still following the Jordanian government’s COVID-19 safety procedures. Our activities may be subject to change during these uncertain times, but we assure you that any changes to our operations will not affect our level of service to our customers.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you good health.

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Student Affairs

ESKA®  Schools' student affairs module allows instructors to maintain student attendance logs for each class, and depict details concerning student achievements, performance, and conduct through rewards and activities.

The student affairs module also maintains student health records in matter of medical history and taken vaccines. In addition, the module maintains student records of incidents, disciplinary actions, warnings, activities and advisories.

Simplified student affairs management

The ESKA Schools student affairs management module comes with a rich set of features to help school administration in keeping track of their students’ affairs, needs, and academic performance.

  • Detailed and flexibly tailored records of all students’ data regarding their academic performance, health records, and more.
  • Streamlined management of students’ activities, achievements, and awards.
  • Facilitated of rewards and appreciation letters for excellent students as required.
  • Honour list management.
  • Health care office and student medical history.
  • Automated daily & weekly attendance tracking.
  • Integration with attendance recording devices.
  • Effective management of absence and leaves policies.
  • Student absence logs on daily and course basis.
  • Rule-based auto and manual disciplinary actions.
Our Customers
Our Customers
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