Fees Manager

ESKA® Schools’ fees manager module enables easy fees settlement for all students.

The fees manager module allows privileged users to define all tuition fees, additions, accounts, and discounts at the beginning of each academic year.

The module manages students bill generation, financial transactions, payments, and refunds in a user friendly and yet effective manner.

The fees manager module supports multiple payment methods and provides a long list of informative reports.
  • Full management for student financials
  • Bills auto and manual generation
  • Advanced discount management
  • Built-in discounts like sibling and staff discounts
  • Comprehensive fee management
  • Bill payments, cancellation, and refund handling
  • Advanced payments processing and payments scheduling
  • Online payment & cheque management
  • Seat reservation
  • Financial integration
  • Comprehensive reports for students’ financial standing
Our Customers
Our Customers
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