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In order to achieve the best customer experience, feedback is essential. Thus, the need for surveys and comments from consumers. With more customer demands nowadays, there needs to be a more conducive way of managing all your feedback and consumer input. This is why technology easily works as a great key to organizing all your data.

ESKA® Voice of Customer is a powerful Customer Experience Management system, specialized in collecting the feedback of your customers. ESKA® Voice of Customer system aims to process the received feedback and convert it into readable reporting formats, that way, top management can take any necessary actions.

ESKA® Voice of Customer provides both dynamic and static surveys, where dynamic surveys are provided to your customers based on a trigger (visiting a shop or interacting with the call centre) and static surveys which are requested by your customers themselves.

ESKA® Voice of Customer provides the following key features:
  • Easy steps to define surveys and questions. System administrators can basically define the set of questions for each survey and the possible answers for each question. The system provides two types of questions: choices and free text.
  • Surveys workflow, where every action goes through a defined workflow for approval or rejection status beforehand.
  • Different surveying channels, such as Shops (or Branches), Call Centres, IVR, USSD and Website. The system integrates with different data sources in order to read the required data and generate a survey that will be sent accordingly.
  • Questionnaires, the voice of your own employees. With this feature, not only are you collecting the feedback of your customers, but also the feedback of the employees at your firm.
  • Bulk SMS surveys. Sending a specific survey to a huge bulk of customers in one go.
  • Conditional surveys. A powerful feature which defines the flow of survey questions based on the answers provided by your customers.
  • Powerful reporting, the heart of ESKA® Voice of Customer, where every answer is saved for reporting needs.
  • Dashboard and Charts Wizard. A powerful tool which allows your system administrators to build their own customized dashboards for decision-making matters.
  • Welcome Message Management. Dynamically define the welcome messages that will be sent to your customers before actually sending the surveys.
  • Support both Oracle and MySQL databases.
  • Easy integration. Our system can flexibly integrate with the required channels mentioned above in order to ease the survey sending process.
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Our Customers
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